CrowdScout Fantasy

Next-Level Fantasy Sports

Tired of waiting on bye-weeks and waiver-wires? Compared to traditional fantasy, CrowdScout Fantasy is like playing the stock market. Can you get ahead of the curve before the next boom or bust and out-think the crowd?
If you can, your scouting influence will grow and your competition will know it. Play real-time player trends and play smart. Points are rewarded whenever the crowd begins to agree with you, not just a few arbitrary plays on Sundays.

The Details

  • Overview: Commissioners have complete flexibility in competition length, number of teams, and user scoring

  • Scoring: You will be asked to choose between 2 similar athletes (known as a 'game'), and effectively betting on the player you select. The 30 players that you bet on cumulatively the most will make up your favorites team. Conversely, those you bet against will be on your bashed team. You will receive a score based on the how the rest well the rest of the crowd perceives those players at the end of the competition.

  • Games Played Bonus: You can choose to add a bonus for the number games each user plays throughout the competition - a game being selecting between two players (or deferring). A "Low" bonus rewards 1/100th of a point for each game, "Medium" rewards 1/50th of a point for each game, and "High" 1/10th of a point for each game. A "High" Bonus also users to effectively hustle their way to victory.
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